throughout my career i have always been involved in music one way or another.

i sing, write, produce and perform under the name of ‘deadfisch’. this has become the vehicle for any music i make, whether performing as a solo artist or as a full band.

i recently wrote and recorded an anti-war concept album ‘collateral damage’ with my pal and top parisian drummer/percussionist piwee (defray). this is yet to be released officially, although you can hear some tracks on

i am currently writing and working on material in our new hometown of oxford where i hope to forge new musical alliances, as well as perform the work there.

i also write and record music for my own films and videos and commercially for tv/ad soundtracks.

One thought on “music

  1. RE: “Forming musical alliances in Oxford” you might be interested in a friend of mine, Phil Freisinger. Also perhaps, Phil told me the “Half Moon” pub in St Clements does local music + poetry evenings (Thursdays i think) that he goes to sometimes.
    See you at the Sailng Club, Steve

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