‘self’ – pen and ink

CV/background (the ‘official’ 3rd person bit)

Andy Bullock was born in east London.

In 1983 on leaving art college in Cornwall he returned to London and initially pursued a commercial career as an art director and graphic designer in advertising, culminating in a couple of years at world-renowned Saatchi and Saatchi. However, becoming increasingly dissatisfied with this environment in 1990 he made a life-changing decision and sidestepped into an ultimately more creatively fulfilling role producing work as an artist in his own right, predominantly (but not exclusively) with photography and film.

This early photographic work was heavily rooted in the tradition of european reportage with very knowing nods in the direction of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Andre Kertesz. However his later work has seen him move into a more conceptual arena and although the work is often still photographic in origin it can also contain text as part of the overall image – the word pictures.

In 2001 he was shortlisted for the Kobal portrait award at the National Portrait Gallery with ’emma’. He has a large (10ft x 8ft) piece ‘millennium man’ in the permanent collection of St Paul’s cathedral which was commissioned for the millennium exhibition. He has had work exhibited in other major public art galleries including the Lady Lever gallery, Liverpool as part of the city’s art biennial and  he has exhibited several solo shows in London – ‘inside the mind of an infinite monkey’, ‘DISCO verme’ and ‘I will always love you’ – these were at various venues around Hoxton/Shoreditch in London’s east end. He has also shown a collection of work (including film), from his early european reportage projects under the title ‘inretrophoto’.

He continues to write, record and produce music under the name ‘deadfisch’.


(here’s the marginally more interesting 1st person bit)

Welcome to ‘DISCO verme’ 2014 – where i am now and where i may be going …

this website and blog has taken an awful lot of time and effort to put together and it contains a good deal of my work (but not by any means all of it), across various media. hopefully it will prove to be interesting and maybe even entertaining. i will endeavour to post blogs with new work or anything else that i feel would be good to discuss or share.

having recently relocated back to the UK from six years in rural france i am only just starting to find my feet here in our newly-adopted hometown of oxford. i am meeting interesting and inspiring people on an almost daily basis and feel that the likelihood of new and exciting friendships and work collaborations being made is high indeed.

i intend to continue producing and extending my ‘word picture’ series. In truth, I would love to work on a book of these images for publication. I also have several story ideas in the wings awaiting film scripting and screenplay writing. and another idea that I am currently developing into a photo story book for publication.

I will be adding outline screenplay ideas to the ‘writing’ section of this website shortly.

happy new year!

andy b – oxford, january 2014.

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